Nature is our teacher.

The earth teaches us how to be sustainable. All we have to do is pay attention.

"Permaculture" aka "Ecological Design" is the toolkit that helps us become adept at learning from nature.

And you don't need to spend a bunch of money to acquire this essential skillset for sustainability.

We believe that permaculture design training and related information about how to live more ecologically should be easily accessible to anyone who wants to try. To this end, we offer courses, forums, and publications on a free/on a donation basis, none turned away for a lack of funds.

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Available Courses

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Join groups, get feedback and advice, and learn skills in a safe space, away from trolls and corporate interests.

Permaculture Coloring Book

Fun for the whole family! Educational drawings and short written passages to help you learn and practice.

Permaculture for Beginners

Six original, intensive classes to help you start designing gardens, systems, and communities, no matter where you live.

#freepermaculture Yearlong Course

Design your ecological garden and homestead and learn about social permaculture too! 

Design Your Inner Landscape

Cultivate personal sustainability from the inside out by changing the way you think about self-care.

Find Your Eco-Niche

Use ecological design strategies to find creative business ideas that will help you to thrive.

Design Your Daily Practice

Dive into the bliss blitz! Use an ecological design process to establish healthy patterns in your life.

Permaculture Women Writers

Write your way back to nature with this fun 3-week challenge and generate ideas and content to share.

Wild Women Writing Challenge

Re-wild your writing practice with this deep dive challenge that will smash through blocks and generate lots of new work!

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